We can video conference and work with you on your important documents.


Helping you to enforce and defend your legal rights in Government and Private law in Australian Courts and Tribunals.  

Benefit from our lawyer’s knowledge and practice in the Federal Court, Fair Work Commission, Federal Tribunals and alternative dispute resolution bodies, Victorian State Courts and Tribunals.  Our lawyer listens carefully to your case and personal circumstances and tailors her approach to enforcing and defending your legal rights to suit you best. 


As early subscribers to PEXA Electronic conveyancing and Duties on Line our firm can help you with all aspects of Victorian land dealings, from preparing contracts of sale to settlement; leases, and off market transfers.  Rest easy knowing your conveyance is insured through the Solicitor’s Professional Indemnity insurance.  

We are here to help with the forms that need to be completed and with general advice.  Our rates for conveyancing are competitive; ask us what our rates are – with no obligations.  We do commercial and private transfers of interests in land; we do private and commercial leasing as well.  And when an issue arises that needs expertise in areas other than transfers of an interest in land, our lawyer can quickly assist.  

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Wills & Probate

Wills, probate and powers of attorney can be confusing and at times confronting. We can lead you through this maze and ensure you have a tailored set of arrangements.

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We can video conference and work with you on your important documents. We can use FaceTime , Zoom or Instagram.